Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bullet list...

  • The buds on my lilacs are getting big. Never mind that it was snowing yesterday. Spring is declaring it's arrival!
  • I've been on the phone nonstop the past few days trying to find alternative ways of getting our immunizations for the trip... if we go to the regional health district, it's going to cost us over $1000. Partly because they charge an office visit fee of $45 per person. That's $225 just to walk in the door. We're finding some pharmacies have access to travel vaccines and only charge for the cost of the immunization... problem is, we can't find anyone who can get the yellow fever vaccine. If we have to go to the health district for that one shot, we might as well get them all there. But UGH! I hate being on the phone. But especially when it feels futile.
  • Kyler has been fighting tendonitis in his right leg... he hasn't been training much at all, allowing it to rest and heal. He wasn't able to compete in the first league track meet, but is hoping this spring break week of rest will heal it enough that he'll be able to run next week. It's frustrating, especially because he had such a great start to the season, running his PR time his first time out. He's taken two short runs the past couple of days and it hasn't bothered him, so we're hoping it's better.
  • We have a friend who donated a car to us to sell for the trip... it needed a little work - a new battery and alternator... so he came over last weekend to work on it, and managed to get Kyler out there with him. Asia's NOT the 'work on your car' type of dad, so it was comical and heartwarming to see Kyler out there with Stephan crawling around under the car, getting greasy and being all manly. We'll be listing the car on Craigslist over the weekend.
  • I can hardly believe that we get to see Tejan in three months. Sometimes I get all caught up in the finances and the planning and forget that he's at the other end of all this hard work. It's all worth it to be able to sit with him and love on him again.
  • Being in a place of complete dependence on God is hard - but so good. Our plane tickets have gone up in price three times since we started looking at purchasing. We are looking at $5000 more than we were expecting to pay. But in the last week we have gotten $1000 in support we weren't expecting... it's ALL God. Amazing how he meets needs... anxious to see how the rest of it comes together. It's a daily exercise in faith, for sure.
Happy Spring, friends. Smooches.

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