Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Ten

  1. I saw my first daffodils blooming yesterday on my way to work. Spring is such a gift every year when you live through long, dreary, snowy, cold winters. Truly, I can't think of a nicer thing than spring.
  2. I had an epiphany last night that God will redeem some of Asia's food issues in heaven and he will LOVE vegetables. And fruit. And food. One of my greatest sadnesses is that he doesn't really derive any pleasure from food. Food is one of my favorite things in the world... (hence, my need for accountability in the form of my job! Thank you, Weight Watchers for teaching me how to love good food and still stay at a healthy weight.) I look forward to sharing delicious food with Asia someday in heaven. Won't that be lovely?
  3. Speaking of good food, we went out last night with some great friends - we were just going to meet them for dessert, but since I had to come straight from work I ended up ordering a hummus plate. Wow. Best.hummus.plate.ever. YUM. The flat bread was straight out of the oven and there was a huge pile of hummus, olives, feta, marinated cucumbers and tomatoes... oh my goodness, me-oh-my. It was good!
  4. We listed the car that was donated to our trip on Craigslist on Saturday... now, you should know, this was an ugly, seventeen year old Saturn. U.G.L.Y. We had nine people call for it in the first half hour it was up... Asia's phone just kept ringing... we sold it to the first person who showed up with the cash. Amazing. I guess there are people that just sit there stalking Craigslist for cheap cars. Weird. Who knew?
  5. Kyler got his driver's permit a few weeks ago... and still seems not very interested in driving... he asks occasionally if he can drive. But he's not one of these kids who's naturally good at driving, so he's a little nervous - and I don't always feel like we have time when we're running from place to place. There's not a lot of time for driving during the week. We need to make a point of getting him out on the weekends to get more experience. I enjoy teaching him, to some degree. It's for sure a new adventure in parenthood...
  6. Poor Gracie girl has been having a bit of a rough patch - her bad leg has been acting up again and I'm afraid she's put weight back on, which only exacerbates the problem. Add to that the fact that she's got her seasonal baldness again (a condition where she literally goes bald on her sides in the winter from lack of sunlight) and she's a wreck. Poor baby. She really is the sweetest dog...
  7. Made homemade granola for our fundraising bake sale last week... my sister-in-law visited us a week or so ago and we got to talking about homemade granola. I've made it in the past but didn't have a go-to recipe so I went online looking for one to use for the bake sale. I hit the mother lode - found a recipe that's not only delicious, but is SUPER easy to make and actually ends up with nice big chunks of granola instead of loose, oat-y granola. Yum. You can find the recipe here. (The key is NOT stirring it while it's baking. Just so you know...)
  8. Kyler's tendinitis seems to be healed... it still gives him a little bit of pain, but he's planning to compete at the track meet on Thursday. I'll be curious to see how these weeks of rest will impact his competitiveness. Hoping he can still run well. He'd had such a great start to his season, it's been tough to see him struggle with this injury.
  9. Ethan is playing upright bass this year... and I think he's really good. I mean, who really knows, since I haven't gone in to watch the other fifth graders play. Maybe they're all playing at his level. But geez... he's really good. I love listening to him practice. I think I was secretly hoping he wouldn't like it so I wouldn't have to commit to packing around this HUMONGOUS instrument for years, but I think perhaps we're in it for the long haul. His teacher took him aside after class the other day and gave him the sixth grader's music because he said E. needed a challenge. You've never seen a prouder little boy come home and practice than I saw that day...
  10. I run my first 5K race on Sunday. I'm SO excited. I'm ready. Yay for goal setting. (I'm a goal-nerd, for sure...) Really - I'm giddy with excitement. I'm doing the Race for the Cure in downtown Spokane... hoping to complete it in under 35 minutes... my best run time so far in my training is 32:15... but I imagine it may be harder to run in a crowd so I'm setting my goal a little higher. We shall see. Truly - it's a thrill to just be able to finish. I never EVER would have imagined myself running 5K a year ago. Good.for.me.
Happy Tuesday, dear ones. Smooches.

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  1. You're so inspiring. I've long thought I'd like to set a goal to run a half marathon, but I'm scared to begin. I need to start with a 5K goal, huh?

    Please share where you got that hummus plate. That is MY kind of food!


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