Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liberty Creek Hike

Hiking is one of my favorite past times... so I was clamoring all weekend for a family hike since we had three whole days off together...

However, when Monday rolled around, it turned out our kids were tired from sleepovers and scrambling to finish up procratinated homework and no one was interested in going on a family hike. Except me and Asia.

So we went. We commented several times how strange it was to be hiking alone - relating more to the empty-nesters we saw on the trail than the families... but we didn't let it spoil our afternoon.

The Spokesman Review on Sunday had an article listed some local-ish hikes to waterfalls... we picked the one closest to us and went for it.

And it was an amazing hike.
My phone camera has some distortion
going on here I think... our heads aren't really
 that elongated...
For my local friends, it's in Liberty Lake County Park... you drive to the campground and the trailhead sits at the far end. It's a beautiful hike - almost completely flat for the first two miles, then it rises in elevation about 500 feet and goes for about another mile and a half before you get to these lovely falls... the trail follows the creek almost the whole way, and because we've had such a wet spring, the creek and falls were roaring. (And the woods were mossy and cool and more like the beautiful forests of the west side... it wasn't one of those Eastern Washington hikes where I had to convince myself our side of the state has it's 'own sort of beauty...')
We did exactly seven miles in and back.

I'm truly at my happiest when you combine my favorite person, amazingly beautiful nature, exercise and fresh air.


  1. Looks like a beautiful hke - isn't God's creation just beyond belief !!!

  2. I love love love to hike, and waterfalls make it even better!! My husband and I are slowly starting to do more things alone now, too. It feels weird. we usually don't do things alone together that we like to do as a family, but when the kids are going their own way, or sleeping in, or whining.....we decide we'll just go on our own. This transition is going slow for me but it is happening. We went on our first adult vacation, a long weekend in the FingerLakes in NY last weekend, to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. It was one of the most relaxing and happiest trips we have ever taken, and we did what WE wanted, when WE wanted, and ate what WE wanted.....felt strange but we adapted quickly!

    Tonight while the kids are at a movie with their friends, we are going to go miniature golfing alone! :)


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