Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another school year over...

These three little boys have been friends since they were four... when they used to hang out and play while their sisters played together on Savannah's soccer team.

They're not so little anymore.

They're now officially sixth graders.

Ready to 'rule the school.'

Big, little man-children.

Great friends.

Love these long, lasting friendships for my kids... as a parent who consciously chose to stay in one place and keep the kids in the same school, this is the fruit of that decision.

And then there's this one...

Who is now in high school.

Who attended an event last week that the school calls the "Eighth Grade Social" and all the girls call the "Eighth Grade Formal."

I surprised her and made arrangements for our friend Monica to come over to curl her hair before school... the 'formal' took place in the afternoon instead of classes.

We bought her dress months ago - off a clearance rack at Macy's... it fit her perfectly and was SO cute.

Thankful for her successful journey through junior high - drama free for the most part and full of great friends. It's a big jump for our kids when they move from elementary to junior high... going from a class of about 60 kids to about 350... lots of potential for conflict and of course, the ever present option of choosing the 'wrong' friends.

She did good, though. Expanded her group of friends with some pretty amazing kids.

So happy for her. And proud.

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  1. Out of any of your kids, I think it's pictures of Savannah that make me realize how long I've been reading your blog! She's such a beautiful girl.


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