Friday, September 23, 2011

The official end of the longest blog break ever...

Not sure how it happened, but I guess I just took a hiatus from the blog.

It wasn't my intention...

But it's been awhile, eh?

I really like blogging. And it's something I can't imagine ever giving it up permanently... it's too fun to look back at... so here I am.

Life has been nothing short of crazy since we got back from the trip... the kids dove into sports practices almost right away... so our summer seemed extrememly short.

With the exception of Kyler - who just started classes this week and had a little too much summer, I think.

We're in the middle of LOTS of change around here... with me picking up a lot more hours at work, Savannah and Kyler both at new schools this year, Asia working toward opening a private practice... it's a lot... and we're sort of re-defining normal as we go. I keep waiting for that 'fall routine' to set in... haven't gotten there yet.

I've got lots to write about... lots I've been processing... thinking about... doing...

So welcome back to my blog.

It's good to be here.

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  1. Missed you!!! You stopped the story of your trip at Paris! What about everything else? :)


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