Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten on Wednesday because I ran out of Tuesday...

  1. Kyler has a girlfriend. She is a senior at his highschool - a cross country runner - and is VERY, VERY pretty. It's very new - as in today is their one week anniversary.
  2. Savannah turned 15 on 11-11-11. She continues to be a huge blessing in my life...
  3. Trader Joe's has finally opened in Spokane. It's very close to me - which is a huge treat in a city where almost all the 'good' shopping is on the other end of town. Love popping in there whenever I need something but I'm still trying to figure out what they do and don't carry. Last night I needed cream cheese. Trader Joe's doesn't have cream cheese. 
  4. We celebrated the one year anniversary of Julie's heart attack last weekend. I'm calling it her heartiversary. A sweet day to celebrate her good health and our little community of folks doing life together. 
  5. Putting together a package for our three boys in Sierra Leone... and a few other kids we simply have to send letters to. Our family there grew so much... it's SO sweet to have such a connection across the globe. 
  6. Worship time at church on Sunday is the one consistent time I find myself REALLY missing T... and Sierra Leone. I'm sure it's because life is busy and I'm distracted most of the time... but when I quiet myself on Sunday mornings I'm always hit with the longing for the other side of the world... it's a great picture of how we long for heaven - and the struggle to always keep the kingdom of GOD on our minds as we walk about our lives. Almost every Sunday morning I'm wiping tears from my eyes as I sing. It's a palpable, thick, tangible longing... sweet and sorrowful. How lovely it will be in heaven when we can all be together to worship.
  7. E's upright bass lessons are going really well. He practices almost daily - I LOVE hearing him in his room playing his songs. It's fun to have a child finally really LOVE playing an instrument. The other two played, but never voluntarily. I think we'll probably be lugging a HUGE bass around for many years. I'm okay with that. What a cool instrument...
  8. I don't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow... I almost always do, so it's a huge treat to only have to make a pie and a couple of other things. Excited to spend the day with friends and family.
  9. Work is nutso and amazing right now. I got an email last night from a former member who moved awhile back that totally reinforces my love for my job. Impacting people toward better health is an amazing privilege. There's a TON going on right now with Weight Watchers - it's super exciting.
  10. Trying to decide if I want to do two half marathons next year... who is this crazy chick?
Happy Wednesday, friends. Smooch you all.

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  1. Cathy - did I Miss you posting about your visit to Africa?? The last I remember was your stop in Paris. am dying to hear the rest. :) And I most certainly think you can do two marathons!


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