Friday, February 10, 2012

43 and counting...

This week I had a birthday.

Forty three years old, I am.

For some reason in my mind I have skipped a year and keep thinking I'm 44... and then I have to subtract and remind myself.

It's been quite a year - my 43rd year held not only a trip to Africa with my family, but a huge milestone in personal fitness in my half marathon... two things I never would have imagined myself doing ten years ago.

This year promises to be another crazy ride...

The older I get, the more I study myself... striving toward growth... pushing myself into being stretched.

I now find myself an 'older mom'... with the distinct privilege of encouraging and loving on younger women... sharing life on life how God has brought me through the challenges of many years of parenting.

My marriage has lasted almost 20 years... and I find myself blessed to be more in love with my husband today than I ever imagined. He continues to be my best friend, greatest supporter, biggest encourager, most favorite person. As we grow older together, I anticipate SO much adventure.

I have a career happening that continues to take me by surprise - I never imagined myself working this much and being this content with being outside the home... I cannot get over how blessed I am to do something I believe so strongly in... and that seems such an ideal fit for my personality and strengths. I LOVE my job. I LOVE working. Who knew?

I am fortunate to have three amazing kids who talk to me... share their hearts... tell me stories... don't shy away from serious soul searching... laugh with me... include me... make really smart choices... I am surely one of the luckiest moms.

I have three sweet boys across the globe that I get to love on and pray for and pour into... three sweet boys I will travel to see as many times as I can over the course of my life... three sweet boys who love Jesus and have the potential to change their country. Three sweet boys who have taken my heart to places I never knew it could never go. And one sweet boy who continues to show me that there really is NO end to the resources God gives us to love others... I can never exhaust it... never run it out... never stretch it so far that it breaks completely.

I am learning to lean into friendship... to cherish the women God has placed in my life... to embrace companionship and not be fearful... to open my heart up to the softness of female uniqueness again after being deeply wounded in this area. I am honored to have several patient and understanding women in my life who have gently stepped into my heart and begun to plant themselves there with very little expectation and lots of compassion. I am so thankful for this process.

So - this is me at 43...
  • I understand my personal style,
  • embrace my unique set of gifts,
  • count every day a blessing,
  • hold tight to the promises I know to be true,
  • let the small stuff stay small,
  • refuse to compare,
  • push hard against complacency,
  • don't pretend to have it all together,
  • strive to live in each moment,
  • I recycle,
  • I drive carefully,
  • I don't make my bed,
  • and I only wash my hair every other day.
Thanks for liking me, reading my thoughts, being my friend, holding my hand, being part of my life. I appreciate that for some reason you're along for the ride.



  1. Cathy,

    you are a huge inspiration. And a great writer! I love this blog post and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Birthday!


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