Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday love

Thursdays are my weekday off... I strive to stay home on Thursdays. I found when I gave up Fridays off that if I don't commit to just being home on Thursdays, my mental/emotional health suffers. And then my family suffers. So I decided that errands and schtuff could all happen on the other days of the week. Thursdays it's just me and my house. This is how I recharge. I need Thursdays.

A favorite feature of my favorite day: I barely get dressed. Having to dress for work every other day of the week (with the exception of Sundays - but that requires dressing for church) makes the one day I can wear my ugly jeans and favorite cardigan and simply throw my hair into a big messy bun a delicious luxury...

Thursday I can fiddle around my house and get those nagging little jobs done... the stuff that drives me crazy during my busy work week... For instance: the baseboards in the kitchen that get splattered when the dishwasher is loaded got wiped down this morning. This requires lying full out on the floor. Not happening in my work duds. I can quietly organize myself for the days ahead... find some recipes... throw some laundry in... bake some cookies... peruse some Pinterest. It's positively glorious.

This is the day I have mental space to consider the needs of my family... to ponder and pray... to address their specific needs. I can bake someone's favorite cookies. Change someone's sheets. Sit on someone's bed and drink in their habitat. I can appreciate my space and the people that occupy it.

Pandora is made for Thursdays. The playlist backs up my wanderings within the four walls that make up my home. I appreciate the way the melodies soothe my overstimulated soul. By the end of the day I will be in a much better place - rocked into a peace that is absolutely essential to my introverted core.

Thursdays are sacred.
Thursday is my Sabbath.
Thursdays are pause.

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Kasey1:25 PM

    Reading this was so calming. My life as of late has been so overwhelmingly busy...I think I need to claim a "Thursday" day. :)


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