Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday thoughts

  • Lots going on for our little family - May is always crazy - and this month is no exception
  • Savannah has finished up a spring golf season at her high school. She really loved playing (her first time ever.) We borrowed clubs from a friend of ours who played golf for WSU - then I managed to find her a complete set that was the perfect size for $250. Yes. Two dollars and fifty cents.
  • As soon as golf ended, Driver's Ed started. So now I have two teenagers driving. At least finally now when she asks "Can I drive?" (which she's been doing for about two years...) we can legally say yes.
  • Ethan is finishing up his final year at the elementary school and prepping to start junior high in the fall. Lots of 'lasts' happening for us there... our last variety show a couple months ago, our last walk-a-thon next week, our last parent/teacher conference, our last Band and Strings Spectacular. Can't believe that after being at this school since the fall of 2000, our time is coming to an end. It's been a good ride.
  • We have come to an agreement with this sixth grader about his hair... I've written before about Ethan's crazy mop. He has always wanted to grow it out. But it is crazy. Big. Out of control. And I have only ever been able to let it get to a certain point before I simply cannot stand it anymore and force him over to (not-so) Great Clips for a trim - the shorter the better. As a sort of end-of-sixth-grade-rite-of-passage - I've told him he can continue to grow it out for now... and until the day before his first day of school in the fall. Now that the decision has been made, I find myself being curious as to what it will do. There's a part of me that thinks it must eventually lie down... pulled by it's own weight. Could it really just keep growing outward and upward? We shall see.
  • Kyler runs at the District Track meet this afternoon - he's had huge improvements in all his race times this season... cutting his personal record in the 3200m from 10:24 to 9:54.9, in the 1600m from 4:41.2 to 4:36.8 and in the 800m from 2:06.36 to 2:03.9. Today he is running just the 800m race - which is a preliminary determining if he will run again tomorrow. I'm thankful for an injury free season... and already beginning to look forward to his senior year of cross country in the fall. One of the hardest things for me to let go of as he moves away to college is his participation in running. It has been a parenting highlight to watch his skill build over the years. We're discussing whether or not he will run competitively in college... I'm hoping he decides to but also recognize the decision is his to make.
  • Things continue to go SUPER well for me at work. We had our staff awards luncheon last weekend and I was awarded the Diamond Leader award for the third year in a row - placing me among the top 20 percent of leaders in our district when looking at things like member retention, member success, product sales, and personal weight management. It continues to be such an honor for me to have just the tiniest part of helping to change people's lives. To get to do something I'm so passionate about and get paid for it is SO awesome. I'm thankful.
  • Still pinching/saving pennies for a trip back to Sierra Leone next summer for Asia and I. Tejan will graduate in July and we hope to be there for his graduation ceremony. That will have us celebrating Kyler's grad in June and T's in July. Crazy. 
That's all for now. Consider yourself updated.

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