Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

It's been a crazy busy month...  Here are some highlights...
  1. First: We haven't heard the results yet from Asia's board exam. Any.day.now.
  2.  Kyler finished off his cross country season with a team trip to the State Championships on Nov. 3rd. He tragically fell in his race, placing 42nd out of 151 of the top runners in the state. If he hadn't fallen, he would probably have been in the top 15. Ouch. We spent a couple of days really lamenting what could have been. And then we moved on. His team placed fourth in the state, which placed them on the podium and sent them home with a nice big trophy... and he qualified to go to the Footlocker West Regional Championships in Southern California this weekend. He still has track season to continue improving his times and work toward potential college scholarships...
  3. I now have a 16 year old daughter. We celebrated by hosting a party for 20 of her closest friends, which included tacos, a game of Bigger and Better, presents and a rousing Candy Poker tournament. My sweet Savannah has turned into the loveliest of ladies... she is sweet and sassy and so dear to me. Her name in Sierra Leone was Luba - which meant blessing. It is fitting and perfect for her.
  4. Along with being 16, Savannah has her first official boyfriend. His name is Ben. They waited forever and a day to become 'official', after months of friendship and texting and even, I suspect, a bit of cuddling. They went to homecoming together and then sometime the next week Savannah discovered that he assumed that meant they were a couple... she was having none of that and insisted that he ask her officially to be his girlfriend. He obliged. They are very charming together - watching them interact is actually an opportunity to thank God for answered prayer. I've always prayed that if my kids aren't able/willing to wait post-highschool to date, that they would have relationships that are beneficial and that teach them about what they value in a significant other... Ben seems to fit the bill.
  5. Not to be outdone, Kyler is also treading in the waters of a relationship. His girlfriend Katrin is a fellow cross country runner who has been a good friend for years. She is very down-to-earth and a little on the nerdy side, which suits Kyler perfectly. Her father manages the local video/book/gaming store so they have tons in common and lots to keep them entertained.
  6. Ethan is LOVING junior high, mostly for the opportunity to play his upright bass five days a week and participate in the jazz band there. He is my musician... I LOVE hearing him play and am amazed at how his fingers fly up and down the fret.
  7. Work for me is good... I recently dropped a couple of meetings and find my new schedule to be REALLY refreshing. I'm very busy this time of year coaching leaders on our annual program innovation and appreciate the extra time to be able to manage all that's being asked of me. I still LOVE what I do and am so thankful for a chance to work a job that never feels like work.
  8. I'm packaging up our Christmas gifts for our sweet boys in Sierra Leone. We sponsor Tejan, Alhassan and Spengy and look forward to spoiling them each a bit this time of year. They are so dear to us. 
  9. In less than a month, I will have an 18 year old. Wrapping my head around that is proving more difficult than I anticipated.
  10. Hoping for a snowy winter... the past few have been pretty mild and I LOVE a good snowstorm. We had snow in October but then none this month. I'm hoping it comes soon. Especially before Christmas...
Happy Tuesday friends! Smooches...


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    hi Kathy, I loved it when you said I could put anything on you, regarding my husbands and his "helpful" comments regarding my weight loss journey!!!He's a dear and only trying to help, but always says the WRONG things to me!!!Janet

  2. nice to know what is going on WAY over there!


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