Friday, April 12, 2013

Ten on Friday

  1. On our usual post-church Costco run last week, Asia bought Les Miserables... I didn't think we needed it - I'm typically not a fan of owning movies... I figure if I've seen something once, I'm good. However, when we watched it that evening with the kids, I was so glad we bought it. It's just SO good. Savannah is showing it to her friends one by one, so it's playing in the background an awful lot lately. I'm good with that.
  2. We had our annual Weight Watchers staff awards luncheon last week - I was awarded the Diamond Leader award for the third year in a row... Diamond Leaders are ranked in the top 20 percent of leaders in our whole district - which includes almost all the northwestern states... I'm honored to enjoy this prestigious distinction and feel so privileged to be able to do something I love so much AND be rewarded for it in this way. I never planned to have a 'career' outside of the home - who knew I'd find something I even want to commit this much time and energy to - and love it so much? Blessed, am I.
  3. I'm beginning to think ahead to summer and wondering how it will pan out this year - the kids are all so busy with their pursuits/work/friends/plans... I sometimes feel left behind. Ethan and I have talked quite a bit about some things we might like to do together since the older two are the ones on the run most often. Hoping we can enjoy some fun adventures together. It's so interesting how different my life is now than five years ago when the kids and I had endless hours together in the sun and they actually wanted to do fun things with me.
  4. Easter week was so gloriously warm and sunny - we truly enjoyed about five days in a row of unseasonably warm days and mild evenings... it was awesome. And now it's over. And cold. And grey. Such is spring in Spokane. At least a few things are starting to bloom...
  5. Asia will be taking on a new role at the state beginning May 1st... he's voluntarily giving up his supervisor role to demote into a position that will give him TONS of flexibility in taking time off to build his private practice. He gets new clients weekly and simply can't put in the hours at the state to be an effective supervisor anymore. His new job for the state will be essentially mindless - so he can work stress-free, keep his benefits, and take more clients at Spokane Therapist. The whole process has gone much faster than we anticipated... and we're so thankful for the way his business is growing. I personally am thrilled to hear his reports of how much he's enjoying working with his clients. I don't think I've ever had him come home saying he enjoyed working at the state... it would be sort of inappropriate to enjoy doing Child Protective Services... and that takes it's toll after awhile. I'm so happy that he is now able to do what he loves.
  6. Kyler presented his Senior Culminating Project a couple of weeks ago - it's a huge graduation requirement. He finished all of his high school class equivalencies last quarter which means essentially, he's a high school graduate. He has one more quarter and will also get his AA degree. We are so proud.
  7. Favorite afternoon snack right now? One whole ruby red grapefruit. Is that weird? They are SO yummy.
  8. Someone is asking someone else this afternoon to go to Senior Prom. I guess we'll be renting a tux soon...
  9. After being a dog owner for almost 8 years, I'm still amazed at the complete devotion my sweet Gracie girl has to me. She is always with me... following me from room to room... laying down in the hallway right outside the bathroom while I get ready for work in the morning... coming into my room to 'nap' with me when I sneak a few minutes of rest in the afternoon. She is so dear to me...
  10. With Asia working two jobs, Kyler and Savannah both working, different summer camp plans, graduation and unsure finances, it feels like we may never get to take a vacation again. I'm trying really hard to not get cranky about that... but not doing a very good job of it. I've had so many friends going to Hawaii lately... and still really want to go on another cruise sometime... and basically, would like to sit on a beach somewhere warm and do nothing... but there's sort of no way to plan for that right now. It takes concerted effort to be content in that reality. Boo.
Happy Friday, friends. Thanks for reading. Smooch you all.

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  1. Dee Carspm4:36 PM

    Congratulations Diamond Leader Winner !! I know you deserve it the way you work.

    I was a Diamond leader in 2008, 2009 and 2010...then they opened all the At Work meetings around town and they made me combine my two meetings into one. So since you have to have at least two meetings to be a Diamond Leader, I was no longer eligible.


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