Monday, November 04, 2013

Feeling grateful

So many blessings...
  • I have this incredible man by my side... who blesses me each day with his belly laugh and his sweet touch and his hand on my hip in bed each night. After 21 years of marriage I am amazed at the depth of love I feel for him and the miracle of a healthy union that has grown so much stronger than we deserve.
  • My almost 19 year old came up the stairs this morning and said "Mama, I love you." There are days I wish he was away at college (for his sake as much as mine) but honestly, a huge part of me is really thankful for this additional time to be his mom... he has the rest of his life to be on his own.
  • I'm thankful for dear friends and hard life circumstances that force us to grow in grace - and make our friendships even more dear.
  • My sweet old pup gets slower each day - but still insists on putting her grey muzzle in my lap each morning and follows me from room to room when I'm home with her limpy gait... she's provided 8 years of complete devotion and I cherish each day that I have with her.
  • Savannah is growing and learning and pushing through some tough stuff in a really mature, open manner. I'm proud of her for turning to Jesus in her sadness and staying open and talking instead of getting angsty and sassy. She's such an amazing girl.
  • She's got a pretty amazing boyfriend who has supported her and makes her laugh and adores her... I'm thankful for him and the cute way he is gradually becoming more comfortable with our family.
  • Kyler's grades so far this quarter are AMAZING. He is enjoying taking classes that pertain to his major after two years of general ed... we're super excited to see him thriving out at Eastern.
  • Ethan is continuing to build his bass skills/repertoire. He saved up enough money to buy his first electric bass and is thrilled to be playing in two jazz bands, Spokane Youth Symphony, his school orchestra and taking private lessons. I love listening to him play.
  • Asia's therapy practice continues to thrive and God has been faithful to bless his time and talents. We're SO excited for him to go full time in the new year...
  • My promotion at work is SO incredible. I LOVE that it's in addition to my meeting schedule - I don't have to leave my members, but I have some variety and new challenges with the travel and workshops I'm conducting. It's such a privilege and blessing to have a job I love so much!
  • Not only do I get a financial boost from the new position, WW is actually giving us a pretty hefty pay raise at the end of the month. Who does that these days? Feeling pretty blessed by that as well.
  • I have a warm house, good food to eat, a wonderful church, a fabulous extended family, good health... the list goes on and on. Even in the midst of hard days I can say 'thank you'. God is good.

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  1. Way to go. girl.! ...sounds like things are GREAT. Praise God.
    Love you all


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