Monday, January 06, 2014

A year of lists...

I've been blessed with a wonderful online group of friends for about 8 years and am joining them this year for a blog challenge to post one list a week in an effort to revive our mostly neglected blogs... I'm hoping to post a list each Monday starting today!

List #1 - 2013 in review
I got my first dent in my six month old Kia Sorento and it was a doozy! The car was totaled in a 19 car pile up on an icy Spokane hill. We were blessed by our insurance with complete car replacement with upgrades. Sorento #2 is working out just fine!

I turned 44 - Asia and I celebrated with a little Spokane staycation downtown.
Asia started working at Spokane Therapist - seeing his first clients and beginning to build his private practice.
Kyler decided to quit running... having decided not to pursue a running career in college, he wanted to free up that after school practice time to work more and save more money for college. I was proud of his maturity and foresight, but really struggled to say goodbye to his running career.
I was awarded the Diamond Leader award at the annual Weight Watchers staff recognition lunch. I've been blessed to receive the award every year I've been eligible for it.
Ethan auditioned and made the worship team at church with his bass. Super excited for him to be able to start playing in that setting.
Ethan participated in track at his junior high, throwing shot put.
Kyler went to his Sr. Prom.
Kyler graduated from high school with both his high school diploma and his AA degree. We had a wonderful weekend with lots of visitors and folks who helped us celebrate.

Savannah was away at Ghormley Meadow Christian camp for most of July. She worked in the camp store and had the time of her life.
She also started dating her boyfriend, Justyn.
Ethan had a Harry Potter marathon - watching all the movies non-stop. Needless to say, he wasn't himself for a couple days as he recovered from that long of a stretch without sleep!

I applied for a new position at Weight Watchers and got hired as an Adjunct Trainer... I'm super excited about this promotion and the opportunity to travel for the company training other staff in our region.
I traveled to Vancouver to help celebrate my sister-in-law Lorraine's 50th birthday.
Ethan spent a week in Astoria with his Grandma and Grandpa.
Ethan cut his hair after a year of growing it out. I was super sad to see his curls go and couldn't believe how grown up he looked without them.
Asia and I took a long weekend and went to Boise to visit dear friends. They fed, spoiled and pampered us the whole time and we came home super refreshed after a long, busy summer of not getting to spend much time together.
Asia's private practice continues to thrive and he's working consistently 60 hours a week with his full time state position and the practice.
I began traveling for work and in the course of 8 weeks went to Boise, Jacksonville, Florida, Chicago, Missoula, Montana, Cheyenne and Casper Wyoming and Grand Junction, Colorado. That's a lot of airport time!
Ethan started 8th grade. Kyler and Savannah started attending Eastern Washington University at the end of the month. Kyler is academically a Junior, majoring in Social Studies Education. Savannah is doing Running Start there.
I was blessed to become an honorary Grandma - and love the privilege of helping our dear friends Rob and Shelby settle into parenthood. There's just nothing like a newborn...
I went to Astoria to walk the Great Columbia Crossing with my brothers and their wives.
Savannah turned 17.
Savannah was diagnosed with migraines and started taking daily preventative meds.
Ethan turned 14.
Kyler turned 19.
I became a great aunt - my neice Aubrianne gave birth to my sweet great-nephew, Amos.
We hosted our dear friend Jay Swanson who is home from serving on Mercy Ships in the Congo for a brief time.
Asia finished out his last month working at the State of Washington.


  1. So glad that you're excited about this little project : ) I'm thinking of you as I read my first book of 2014, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen. If you haven't read it yet you need to go get a copy. I think you will love it, and need to hear it too!

    1. I just requested it from the library, Elizabeth! I love a good book recommendation.

  2. I'm always happy to read your blogs updates. I can't believe how grown up E looks without his curls! And... So glad that you're enjoying your new WW position. Come visit Dayton?!!

  3. I love how you divided your year into month categories! :)

  4. I feel like I know your kids thanks to Instagram!


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