Monday, February 03, 2014

A Monday list...

I'm stopping midway through a thorough whole house cleaning for an attitude adjustment and a little rest and thought I'd make a list.

  1. There is a tremendous sense of pride in cleaning my own house... when it's finally done, I know I'll be REALLY happy.
  2. Everything is getting WAY cleaner than the housekeeper got it. She was good, and fairly inexpensive as far as housekeepers go, but she didn't attack the deep dirt with the same vigor that I find I am today. Our bathrooms haven't been this DEEP clean in ages...
  3. I've been struggling with being (keepin' it real, friends) lazy on my days off... WAY too much Pinterest. Movement is good... busy is good.
  4. 80's dance party Pandora station, baby. It keeps me movin'.
  5. I know Asia will be REALLY happy when he gets home. A happy husband is always good.
  6. Muscles. Seriously. Especially in my right hand. It's shaking as I type from all the scrubbing. I'm going to have a killer forearm if I keep this up.
  7. Maybe, just maybe, my kids will appreciate me a teeny-tiny bit. Not holding my breath on this one. But seriously, their bathroom is REALLY clean.
  8. I don't have to put makeup on or fix my hair. Headband/ponytail/jeans/t-shirt is the uniform of the day. Can't complain about that.
  9. I don't have to worry about having the cash on hand on Tuesday mornings or worry about forgetting to leave the back door open so the housekeeper can get in... I was always so nervous about forgetting.
  10. $30 in my pocket every week.


  1. There you go! Looking for the positive, and an extra $30!

  2. I find cleaning a pain in the rear sometimes, but also like a good cleaning day now and then too because I feel so accomplished at the end of it.


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