Thursday, March 27, 2014

Empty / Full

The house is emptier than it's ever been.

With vacant rooms and clean floors and only a little bit of laundry to fold.

We're one dog less, one boy/man less, one daughter with a new car and a license less.

We've walked through other losses recently, having to accept hard new realities.

If deafeningly quiet and my heart has felt despair many, many days.

I've had many, many hours to ponder and mourn.

Today, I feel a teeny bit of hope.

Hope in the courage to finally clear out an empty room, packing away remnants of a childhood.

Hope in dreaming about how that space could provide an opening for new possibilities.

Hope in healing.

Hope in purpose.

I'm believing again in Faithfulness and Provision and Love.

Feeling a renewed desire for the One who gives and takes away.

Finding more satisfaction in the gift of being a vessel of encouragement and hope.

The darkness lifts to reveal a bright future.

And a merciful Guide.

In this empty house.

Full of Grace.

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  1. So get it!! All changes bring some mourning in the midst of hope. But the next several years to come will be full of college and degrees, finding the "one" and weddings and then you get to the glorious stage of grandbabies!! Every stage of life as its challenges and rich blessings.


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