Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two less than a dozen.

  1. At work on Friday I had a strange repeat of The Mysterious Appearing of Unknown Underwear. I was helping a customer find something and I walked around the corner of a paper rack to find a pair of Jockey for Her boycut panties lying smack in the middle of the floor space between the My Mind's Eye Valentine paper and the Karen Foster license plate embellishments. Color me surprised! Is it just me or is it weird that underwear of unknown origin seem to follow me around?
  2. Sunshiney day here in Spokane today. We've had lots of grey and fog - so it's refreshing to see the sun. It seriously makes me want to curl up on the carpet with Gracie and take a nap.
  3. I'm coming up on my three year blog anniversary and my ten year (cover your ears, men) breast reduction anniversary. Who-hooo!!! Let's celebrate!
  4. I get to exhibit at the school's art night on Thursday... this is one of my favorite events at the kids' school - where a bunch of community and parent artists show their wares - and there are lots of hands-on art activities for the kids to do... so great to encourage art in all it's forms. Gotta go through my stuff and decide what to take this year. It's been two years since I've done it, so it shouldn't be hard to find stuff I haven't shown before.
  5. I'm LOVING Jack Johnson right now. His mellow style just speaks to me... so good. I'd marry him if I could, just so I could listen to him sing. Somehow there was a whole CD of his hiding on my computer... no idea who put it there. But it makes me happy. And now I'm on a mission to collect everything he's ever done. I'm like that with musicians...
  6. Kyler had his first experience with snowboarding on Sunday. A friend from church offered to take him and teach him... other than the fact that they got separated and Kyler ended up waiting for an hour with the ski patrol, I think he had fun. He's still sore. But he says he wants to go again.
  7. Speaking of Kyler - he's become this young MAN - I cannot believe how big he is. And how deep his voice is. And how handsome he's becoming. It's so freaky.
  8. CHA show coming up soon. It's in Anaheim again. Which sounds fun, but really, it doesn't matter where they hold it. There's really not any time for sight seeing. It's all about cruising the aisles looking for new product. Still, it's fun. And it's good timing this year especially, since it will give me something to enjoy after T. is gone.
  9. Speaking of T., we'll be driving him to Silverdale on February 2nd and saying goodbye to him on the 3rd. It's WAY too soon. But unavoidable.
  10. Time to go get my tire fixed... I've got a slow leak that's driving me crazy.

Happy Tuesday, friends.



  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Jack Johnson along with about 60 other songs was a gift A. got out of me during that whole "we found an IPOD and let's get it to work" fiasco! :)

  2. Jack Johnson is wonderful. I recently gave him my heart on Pandora Radio. However, i do not actually own any of his CDs. I do have a gift certificate that I plan to use on him...oh I mean, on his music. How about "Banana pancakes"? Love that!

  3. Ley has all of Jack Johnson's albums, I think. Do you need some copies?

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Watch that leak in your tire. I don't think I could handle the laughter if YOU got stuck pushing a cart home from the store...in the slush and snow...with mandarins, or fruit of some kind littering the street... hahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!! :)
    Have a great day,


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