Friday, February 08, 2008


Thirty-nine things I can celebrate today:

  1. The Creator of the universe loves ME.
  2. My friend Melissa sent me happy mail. It came to the store yesterday while I was working. I love getting packages at the store because they're always full of fun new product. But a package addressed to little ol' me? Full of birthday goodies like chocolate and fuzzy socks and bubble bath? That REALLY made my day. Thanks, Mel!
  3. I married a good man. A very good man. And he's so, so good to me. I'm blessed with a wonderful marriage.
  4. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. Seriously. Life is good here.
  5. I have the happiest memories of my grandparents and was blessed to have all four of them in my life until I was 31 years old. I will never take that for granted. I was well-loved by all of them.
  6. My job simply could not be more tailor-made for me. It suits my personality, my schedule, my lifestyle and it feeds my creative soul. Plus - I drive less than a mile to work. What more could you ask for? And I like my boss. A lot. How many people get to say those things about work?
  7. My dog is pretty much the cutest dog on the planet. And she really loves me. And she makes me laugh every day.
  8. My kids are healthy.
  9. My kids are successful at school.
  10. My kids are amazing, funny, interesting little people. I love watching them unfold.
  11. Survivor started last night. And Johnny Fairplay got voted off first. Hallelujah!
  12. Sugar-free toasted marshmallow syrup for my lattes. Sounds weird. But it's SO yummy.
  13. Love that I can 'go shopping' here and put all sorts of fun books on my wish list. And then close the lid on my computer and walk away. I seldom order, but I 'browse' all the time. Fun.
  14. My mom and dad have been married for 47 years. Come on people -that's amazing. And fully worth celebrating.
  15. I got to go to the Caribbean this year.
  16. I still know how to play the piano. Pretty well, even though I never practice.
  17. Pain au chocolat. I really should have been french, because then I could eat this for breakfast every morning and I wouldn't get fat. And I could wear scarfs without looking like an idiot.
  18. My bedroom is being painted this weekend. For free! By a professional painter! (I bartered some photography...)
  19. It's only roughly two months until the garage sale season starts.
  20. There's a brand new Starbucks going in within walking distance of my house.
  21. It's supposed to be in the 40's this weekend - so some of the six feet of snow out there might actually melt. (Okay. It's not six feet. It's only three.)
  22. Even though I haven't been exercising regularly since Tejan came, I haven't gained any weight and can still fit in my jeans. Phew!
  23. Ethan still wants to snuggle and kiss me. Every day.
  24. Asia still wants to snuggle and kiss me. Most of the time.
  25. I get to go to CHA on Sunday.
  26. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen - two years after the remodel. It makes me happy every single day. It was $$$ well spent.
  27. Looking back, I was blessed with really nice boyfriends who taught me a lot about love and life and myself and really helped me define what I wanted in a husband without breaking my heart too badly along the way. I think that's really cool.
  28. I am blessed with a dear, dear friend in Corey - who knows me inside and out and totally gets me - even after all these years. How many people turning 39 can say they've had a best friend for 35 years?
  29. My brothers are both godly men, married to wonderful wives, with successful, healthy, interesting, God-loving kids.
  30. Lindt chocolate truffles. And Almond Roca. And Snickers with almonds.
  31. Red wine.
  32. People have been bringing us dinners all week. We are well cared for by many thoughtful friends.
  33. I found a local source for Gracie's very expensive dog food. I used to have to order it online for $60 a bag. I can get it now for $40 a bag. Yay!
  34. I have the most comfortable mattress on the planet.
  35. We get to hang out at the beach for a whole week every summer.
  36. I have bloggy friends all over the world. And I actually have maintained my blog for almost three years. It's just cool. Love the blog thing.
  37. I have not been sick for one minute in the whole time Tejan has been here.
  38. My 20th class reunion was one of the most fun weekends I've had in my life. It was such a treat to connect with all those dear people from highschool and recognize God's grace in each of them. I'm so glad I went.
  39. My family got to spend the last five and a half months with a little boy from Africa living in our home. How amazing is that?

Happy birthday to me.

Life is good.

God is awesome.

Smooches to you all!


  1. That Melissa- she sure is a nice gal, you know.

    Thank you for the reminder about Survivor- I haven't watched hardly any TV lately- had no idea it was on last night. Ack! What kind of fan am I?

    And a very special and Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU, my dear friend :) I hope you are blessed this fine day!

  2. happy birthday sweet friend :)

  3. Wow, I'm number two between the Lord and your hubby! You must've really loved the package! (heh-heh)

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    {that susie, she's pretty cool too by the way. :)}

    Pink Paper Peppermints

  4. :)
    God IS awesome.
    I'm so blessed to know you in my life.

  5. Can't believe my beautiful little girl with the sweet little lips laying in the bassinet in the hospital room in 1969 is 39 today.
    Have LOVED you more each day and am so happy we are friends as well as mom and daughter.

  6. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Dear Cathy,
    I am glad you are having a happy birthday and you're life's not too bad either from what I can read!
    Loved your list!
    God bless you!
    Elaine(a friend of Melissa's)
    Writing to Encourage YOU!

  7. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I loved this post! OHhh, you took me back! the 'Brian' days.... :) Made me smile (and cringe! With a capitol 'C'!). The drama, the love, the friendships. The same person shared as our 'first love'... So many memories. The delapidated green pick up that spewed black smoke... remember that thing? Hahaha. (Finally married, with a baby of his own and STILL balder than ever!) Thank you for the smile. :D
    Love, Sonja

  8. Tawnya6:10 PM

    Cathy, I am so very sorry I missed your day. I love you. Happy Birthday!


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