Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's been awhile...

  • Life just sort of tumbles along here... I occasionally think of things I want to post but then when I sit down to write, my mind goes blank and I can't think of a thing to tell you. So here's a bullet list of the short thoughts going through my mind...
  • Summer is going WAY too quickly.
  • I'm still pondering my list of cravings...
  • Fresh raspberries. Yum.
  • Kyler is away at running camp this week. Miss him.
  • Planning a trip to Silverdale in the fall to go talk to COTN about a family trip to Sierra Leone next summer. Yikes!
  • Starting to plan for some sales in the fall... selling some wares to raise money for said trip to Sierra Leone... craft-y sales, bake sales, yadda yadda... what else can I sell?
  • We need LOTS of money to go to Sierra Leone.
  • Love that the days have been hot and the nights cool... the perfect summer combination in my opinion... I can enjoy the sun but keep the house cool. Love it.
  • Ethan is the child who is gone the most this summer. He gets at least an invitation a day to do something with someone... the pool, the lake, a playdate... it's crazy. I guess he's a good date!
  • I sure love my teenagers... I'd like to ask all those people who warned us "Just wait 'til they're teenagers"... what they meant. Whatever ominous things they were warning us against haven't happened, I guess. They're both so amazing and fun and interesting... I think it's a blast watching them stretch their wings and grow...
  • Our dear friends Bryan and Heidi have moved back to town!!! We're SO happy to have them back. Bryan is actually working with Asia now, so they get to see each other every day.
  • I made grilled pizza the other night. We were all in HEAVEN!!! Wow - SO yummy. And really, really easy. (I used the dough recipe in the link but we topped ours with bbq sauce, red onion, chicken and mozzarella.)
  • No, the dough does not sink through the grate on the grill.
  • Savannah and Ethan are going to VBS this week... it's Savannah's last year as an attendee... next year she'll volunteer and lead her own group.

And now my brain is more empty. Feels good to get all that off my chest... have a great weekend, friends! Smooch you all!

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