Wednesday, August 04, 2010

31 days of fun - day four

Today's fun was a no-brainer.

I read an article in the Food section of our local newspaper that highlighted a new frozen yogurt store in town.

I haven't had frozen yogurt in years... seems like it's gone by the wayside as far as a business in the last decade... in fact I don't think Spokane even has a store dedicated solely to frozen yogurt - until now. Add the fact that this store was self serve (meaning YOU decide how much yogurt you want and exactly which toppings you want. You make it yourself, and then pay by weight: $.39 an ounce.)
So we went to Froyo Earth.

I got Strawberry, Pineapple and Coconut yogurts and topped them off with mini chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, a teeny bit of coconut, some roasted almonds for crunch and colorful sprinkles because sprinkles are FUN!

We drove to a park (one from my list!) to eat our yogurt.
Using the self timer with the camera on the hood of the car... love how the car caught our reflections.
This staircase called out to us "Climb me! Climb me!" Of course, we had to obey.

Here we are at the top.
And then on our way back down again. Savannah left her belt at her friend's house so she had to keep pulling her pants up. It was cracking me up. (No pun intended.)
Savannah would kill me if she knew this picture was on here. I just thought her saggy pants were so funny. (I guess sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain me...)

I loved this little balcony and made Ethan climb up to the top with me to pose for a love scene. He was thrilled to oblige, of course. (All ten year old boys love to perform love scenes with their moms, didn't you know?)
The whole garden is planted on a steep hill, but if you persevere and make it to the top, this is your reward: a pretty little pergola and a lovely waterfall. It was very peaceful there and the view of the city was phenomenal.

Cute boy. I love how he gets a dimple in the top of his right cheek when he makes this grin.
It was a fun afternoon.


  1. I just told my hubby last night that we need to take the kids to that new yogurt shop. I love that it's make-it-yourself since I tend to be very indecisive with little things like that. Not because I'm picky, but because everything sounds good. ;)

    I must have skimmed over that item in your original list, because I hadn't even heard of those gardens until Serena posted about them yesterday. I'm looking forward to visiting!

  2. Awesomeness! :) I find my kids are much more cooperative with my whims when I feed them - especially ice cream :)

  3. went to that shop last wk.....yummo~! :)


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