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Thursday goals...

So it's probably a bit mundane to post about my goals, but since I 'm the only one reading this, I see it as a little online to-do list. Here's what I'd love to accomplish today: Scrapbook one page just for me - no class projects, no design work - just a page of family photos for my family scrapbook. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor - my LEAST favorite chore in the whole world - but I would feel fabulous to get it done today, before it's actually so dirty it's driving me crazy. Fold all the laundry. Call the Express office to find out about the possibility of E. going one day a week next year. Do a chapter in my bible study. Compose an email to my girlfriends asking them to pray about our situation with S. Go to the bank and the store to buy clipboards for the altered clipboard class. Make dinner. There it is - for better or worse. A to do list... let's see if I can manage to get it all done.

So, I guess I am resistant...

I had decided I wasn't going to do the blog thing after all, and bought a two pack of leather journals at Costco just to cement the idea in my head... I would journal by my own hand, in privacy. But, I keep reading so many cool blogs, and for some reason I'm drawn to the idea of keeping this online journal... nobody will ever read it, most likely, which is weird... in any case, I guess I'm back to posting here occasionally. Last night we were watching the news and E. saw George W. Bush giving a speech. He says "Is that really what George W. Bush sounds like?" and we said yes. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening walking around saying "You're not dealing with the issue" (a line from the speech) in his best George W. impersonation. Such a crack up. He's always got us laughing. I'm making a rump roast in the crock pot for dinner - it's a new recipe with lots of peppery spices rubbed on it. I have a class tonight, so the fam