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Twenty-two reasons to pray that the Ebola outbreak ends soon...

I think sometimes when we hear the news of faraway places, it's hard to care.   I understand. I do the same thing...   But the current news about Ebola and the potential it has to wipe out a whole generation of people in West Africa hits VERY close to home for me... for obvious reasons.   Today I want to introduce you to just a small sampling of my loved ones there and ask you to pray not only for them, but for their country and region.   Ebola isn't just a disease in a far off land... it's a disease that's just miles away from these beautiful people who are in my heart and on my mind every day. This sweet little girl on the left is named Cecilia. Her mother was our cook while we were in Banta this trip. Cecelia is a little shy, but has the most beautiful smile. Aminata is a beautiful, statuesque young woman who is waiting to take her senior secondary school exams and hoping to go on to university after the Ebola outbreak ends Idrissa (