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Family Night

Sunday night is typically family night here... it's often a game night, or a movie night, or in warmer weather, a chance to go for a hike or a bike ride. Asia and I were both lacking motivation to come up with anything too high energy tonight... we brainstormed and each came up with half of tonight's plan. For my part, I gave each of the kids one dollar to cleverly and randomly give away and a post-it note to write a note to whoever would find their dollar. We then wandered around Riverfront Park until they found a good spot. Kyler taped his to the inside rim of a garbage can. We all thought it was a bad idea - that people wouldn't notice it... but we hung around long enough to see a group of three girls find it... First one noticed it, bent down to read the note, pointed to it, but was reluctant to reach in and take it. Another noticed it and snatched it, then they all gathered around it and took a picture of their treasure. You should have seen Kyler's grin w

Tuesday Ten

Kyler had his final track meet last Saturday. It was a crazy hot day. He ran the 1600m. It's become his favorite event, for sure, and he's focused all his energy this season on perfecting his splits. He didn't PR on Saturday - it was too hot, really. But he finished ninth out of all ninth grade boys in the city. Not too shabby in one of most competitive high school running cities in the nation... We're so proud of him. He gets a couple of weeks off before the cross country team starts training for the fall. He'll be running all summer. I've got so many books on my nightstand right now it's just silly. I'm really hungry for books right now. And yet it's one of the busiest months of the year and Asia is no longer traveling, which ruins my reading time I used to enjoy when he was gone... I'll never get everything read. But I have really good intentions. Savannah bought a guitar last weekend from a friend of ours who is selling everything he owns to

Spring. Good.

Loving the colors and activities of this time of year... Lilacs and tulips and my pup who waits patiently in the driveway while I putter around in the front yard. Track meets and garage sales and sunshine. Life is good.

Bloomsday 2010

We ran/walked Bloomsday today. There were over 55,000 participants registered... almost 50,000 finished the race. Kyler ran near the front of the pack. Asia and the younger kids and I walked. I'm so thankful that I ran into my friend Brynn at the start... she and I stuck together the whole time. We got ditched by everyone else because they all decided to run the majority of the race. We both ran the first mile and a half, and then wherever there was a downhill... but walked a lot of the course. We finished with an appromimate time of 1 hour 43 minutes. It's a 12K race (7.46 miles) We don't know Kyler's finishing time - we should know by Tuesday... I think he finished in just about an hour. Here's the whole fam with our race t-shirts... bright green this year! Yay, Bloomies! Update: Here are Kyler's results ... he did awesome, finishing 7th out of 479 fifteen year old males and 782 out of 49,674 total runners. I'm so proud of him.


Okay - so I know it's been too long since I've posted when Blogger doesn't remember who I am and I have to re-log-in. So what have I been up to? Work. Still loving my job. Hoping to get a few more meetings, but I'm pretty content with my schedule right now. I've had tons of enrollments lately - not sure if people are responding to the Jennifer Hudson campaign or if it's the impending swimsuit season getting people through the door, but I'd bet I've had 20 new people in the past couple of weeks. Good stuff. I love new members who've worked up the courage to bring themselves through the doors. Track. Two track meets a week is keeping my Thursdays and Fridays busy. Kyler PR'd with a 5:04 mile last week, then only managed to do it in 5:05 yesterday. He was disappointed, but is still hoping to run a sub-five mile this year. I hope he can do it. Savannah is running the 100 yard dash, the 4 x 100 relay and is hoping to do the high jump sometime. They