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Ten on Tuesday

It's been a crazy busy month...  Here are some highlights... First: We haven't heard the results yet from Asia's board exam.  Kyler finished off his cross country season with a team trip to the State Championships on Nov. 3rd. He tragically fell in his race, placing 42nd out of 151 of the top runners in the state. If he hadn't fallen, he would probably have been in the top 15. Ouch. We spent a couple of days really lamenting what could have been . And then we moved on. His team placed fourth in the state, which placed them on the podium and sent them home with a nice big trophy... and he qualified to go to the Footlocker West Regional Championships in Southern California this weekend. He still has track season to continue improving his times and work toward potential college scholarships... I now have a 16 year old daughter. We celebrated by hosting a party for 20 of her closest friends, which included tacos, a game of Bigger and Better, pr


This morning Asia is taking his board exam to be licensed as a marriage and family therapist... There have been months of discussion, classes, studying, dreaming, praying and planning leading up to this day... There have been LOTS of opportunities to let go and trust. There has been lots of change, particularly for me... There's been lots of anxiety... particularly this week... tension has been running high as all this energy comes together into this one four hour test that will determine our future. And yet, last night, we were blessed with a moment of calm. A change to reflect on the gift of living in a country where a person can pursue their dreams. An opportunity to thank God for his provision. A moment to pause - and revel in the culmination of months and months of prayer. A quiet whisper in bed "Whatever happens, I will always love you... God is in control... so we'll be okay..." For this four hours I am suspended between what has been an