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Asia and I went to bed last night overwhelmed and thankful and completely dependant on God for His strength and support. We have found ourselves in a place of what feels like almost constant demand for the past several weeks: We are working with three pre-marital couples right now - doing their pre-marriage counseling, building into them as young couples and investing time in their relationships on a regular basis. One week recently, that meant we had a couple in our home every other day... we try not to schedule like that but occasionally it happens that way. We recently re-defined our boundaries in taking on additional couples but are always stretched in this as we support our church as the overseers of the pre-marital ministry. We find ourselves in high demand and constantly have to wisely delegate and carefully consider our limitations. We had the opportunity this week to support/love on a young man who has entered our lives recently who is walking through the birth of his firs