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Tuesday Ten

I've started my internship at church. Which means several things. First, I'm reading. A lot. And will continue to read a lot throughout the year. I love to read - especially non-fiction, so I'm good with that. Secondly, it means that every Tuesday morning, I go to an intern meeting from 5:30 am to 7:30 am. And last, it means that I'm opening my heart to God - anticipating lots of challenges as I dive deeper into my relationship with him and allow myself to be stretched in new ways. Already, only two weeks in, I have a whole heart full of things about which I'm praying... Kyler finished his cross country season on Saturday. I was sick, so I missed his race. It was the All City race - and he placed 13th out of probably 50 freshmen... his team came in second out of the ten schools in attendance - which is exciting to me. These boys could turn into a pretty good team over the years. Cross country is EXTREMELY competitive in Spokane. The past two years the number one te

Slowing down

Earlier in the week, I could be heard saying, "I don't have time to get sick this week. I have way too much to do." Famous last words. Because, of course, I got sick. Fortunately, it didn't hit me hard until Tuesday night, when I'd already led three of my four meetings for the week. So I called around and found a sub for my Wednesday meeting, called and cancelled other appointments (including the haircut I've been waiting more than 3 weeks for) and have been planted on the couch or in bed ever since. Other than my walks. Yes. I've still walked. Actually, the fresh air has felt amazing and invigorating compared to the stuffy sick air in the house. (Mind you - these are short walks. But I'm out there. Not one sedentary day for me this year...) I'm on page 373 of a 479 page novel. I haven't read a fiction book in so long. It always feels too self-indulgent, so I never partake. But I get SO tired of the tv. So the book has been a welcome brea

For today...

I was inspired by Ali Edwards today... Outside my window ... there are pine needles and pine cones in my front yard that desperately need to be raked. The grass is dead - a result of our decision to conserve water and save money this summer. The neighbors probably hate us. But I'm okay with it. I was tempted to put up a little sign in the yard saying something like "People all over the world carry water every morning for their most basic needs. In honor of them, we refuse to waste water to have green grass." I am thinking ... that I really need to get into the shower. Busy day today. I am thankful for .... my job. I really love it. It keeps me off the street. From the kitchen ... Sloppy Joes last night... I know they're not gourmet, but my kids sure like 'em. I am wearing ... sweats, my favorite jammie gown, a hoodie sweatshirt and slippers. Like I said, I need to get in the shower. I am creating ... two commissions from the Fall Market I

Confessions of a Weight Watchers Leader

I do not notice the number on the scale when you step onto it. I know you are self conscious, sharing this very private thing with me in our tiny little weigh booth. But just like your doctor sees nakedness all the time, I see well over 100 numbers every week. I'm looking to see if your weight went up or down - and that's about it. The number itself means nothing to me. What matters is that you're at my meeting, working hard to change the number. I'm so proud of you for being there. I want you to succeed. I know that feeling of being stuffed into your clothes, pulling and tugging at them to keep them from sticking in between the rolls. I know. I know . I know how badly you want to change and how hard you have to fight to do it. And I want to encourage you every single week - whether you're up or down. I know you can do it. If I could instill anything in your mind, it would be a peaceful acceptance of the notion that this has to be an every day choice for the rest o

I've officially become a coupon geek.

You don't want to get in line behind me at the grocery store, is all I'm sayin'. 'Cause I've become that woman with stacks and stacks of manufacturers coupons who knows each store's coupon policies better than the clerks themselves. This morning I managed to get all this food and schtuff for $17.59 That's: 2 small boxes of jello 2 small boxes of Wheat Thins 2 bags of Brachs Autumn Mix (I like the pumpkins best!) 2 bags of halloween M&Ms Olay Creme Ribbons body wash Chapstick in Green Tea flavor 2 packs of Trident Layers gum 2 four packs of Yo-Plus yogurt 3 bags of Halloween candy (stocking up now!) 11 cans of Pillsbury crescent rolls 4 packs of Bumblebee albacore tuna 4 cartons of Tropicana OJ (the only kind Asia will drink) 3 pounds of ripe bananas (I need to make muffins for Kyler's track meet on Saturday) Without coupons, it all would have cost me $64.26. I had an acquaintance in line behind me at Fred Meyer who caught up to me afterwards and sa

My other runner

Last weekend Kyler went to Missoula, Montana for the Mountain West Invitational. He ran 3 miles in 18:24 and placed 62nd out of 434 runners in the JV race. We didn't go, so I don't have pictures. But I do have pictures from Ethan's first cross country meet, yesterday! They haven't offered cross country at the elementary school level for about six years, so we were thrilled when the flier came home announcing that our school district had received a grant funding the program this year. E. was very excited to try his hand (or feet, as the case may be) at running like his big brother. Plus, he's hoping the training will help him when wrestling season rolls around... it can't hurt, for sure! What a fun meet - there was constant action as they ran 14 races, one right after the other, starting with kindergarten girls, followed by kindergarten boys and so on - all the way through 6th grade. The course was a mile... quite a feat by those with the tiniest little legs.