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Tuesday Ten

I have been big on new year's resolutions since 2009. I have no idea what I want to do for 2013. Any suggestions? Every once in a teeny-tiny while I say yes to something I wish I'd said no to. I'm pretty good at saying no. But darn it, I'm not perfect at it yet. I've got something on the agenda next month I really wish I didn't have to do. Oh well. Live and learn, right? The Christmas thing might be sort of ruined permanently for me, I'm afraid. After two trips to Africa it's just really hard for me to get excited about the excesses so prevalent here in the States this time of year. Honestly, no one I know here NEEDS anything. We are rich. And so I try my darndest to stay focused on the people and the memories and not get caught up in the spending.  There is a fine line between choosing not to spend a lot on Christmas and appearing to be a scrooge, it turns out. Particularly when you have teenagers who are apt to forget all the meaningful lessons the


There is budding romance in my house. I've hesitated to write about it, since I feel like it's sort of not my story to tell. But I watch. And I have observations that I know can be best processed with the written word... it's always a great way for me to work out my thoughts. And so I write. Delicately and carefully, out of respect. But I write. I guess by now they know that I write about them. So it should come as no surprise. What surprises me most as I witness the unfolding of the affair, is how much joy it brings me. The smile that spreads across her face at every text... her shyly divulging his little whispered sweet nothings to me... the grin he cannot contain when he sees her. I had no idea how sweet it would be to behold. I was blessed to have a rare and lovely first boyfriend whose affections were respectful and sweet... he was a boy who made it clear I was his favorite by doting on me in innocent and proper ways that made me feel both treasured a