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Random Sunday thoughts

I really cannot stand mispronunciation. Like when someone calls Mod Podge 'modge podge'. It makes me cringe and want to scream. I never correct strangers who make mispronunciation mistakes, but I really want to. Or when people add an 's' to something - like "I need to go to Safeways because they're having a good sale on bananas this week." Yikes. I hate that. We woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Seriously. Could someone just tell the weather that it's Spring? So it's Spring Break here this week. Usually the kids and I head over to Astoria for Spring Break... but not this year. I'm already missing it. I have to be at Weight Watcher's training on Thursday and it was just too much to try to fit in a quick trip. I had to say no to our annual trek. Boo-hoo. That said, I am going to take the kids across the border to beautiful Coeur D'Alene tomorrow - where we'll stay in a hotel and see a movie and go out to din

Oh my goodness, me oh my...

I'm just swamped, people. Between training for Weight Watchers, class samples, blogging for Memory Box and trying to stay on top of housework and feeding my brood, there just isn't any time to write. I'm sorry. Life is SO crazy. I miss it. And I miss the community I've had here. So if you're stopping by to see if I've updated, would you just say hello? I'd love to hear it. Smooches, friends.

In celebration of spring

Early spring in Spokane isn't really very spring-ish. There are no flowers blooming. The grass is brown, where you can see it beneath the snow. Yes, there is still snow out there. But today, I'm celebrating. Because the spring will come. The flowers will bloom. My dogwood will recover from being buried up to it's neck all winter and flush out in the most brilliant pink. The daffodils will push up through the frozen ground and be bright and yellow next to my garage. The sun will eventually be paired again with it's companion, warmth . I will walk through these last grey days Spokane - and while winter tries to assert itself past it's expiration date, I defy it. Today, it is spring.

Missoula Children's Theater

Last week Savannah and Ethan were both cast in their school's Missoula Children's Theater production of Red Riding Hood. Savannah was cast as Mother Hood and the Grandmother, and Ethan was Robin Hood - the Hood family's cousin from England. After five days of intense rehearsing, (four and a half hours every day after school) they were ready for two shows on Saturday afternoon. It was so fun for them. And fun for me, as I was one of two parent volunteers with the privilege of being at every rehearsal. I come from my own childhood experience of many opportunities with theater and musicals, so watching them experience the thrill of performing was awesome. It was an amazing week. I'm so glad they had the chance to do it. I loved that instead of having to commit to weeks and weeks of rehearsals, they just had to do this one really intense week. A full scale musical production without a month of rehearsing and I didn't have to sew any costumes! That's my kind of p

New table

We have been looking for a new table since we finished remodeling our kitchen. Over three years ago. We finally found one. I love it. It feels really grown up. I was SO over the oak table we bought when the kids were little. It was so thrashed. We found this one at World Market. It's makin' me happy today.

Check it out...

If you're a scrapbooker, you should head over to my Memory Box blog and check out the contest I've got going over there. It's a doozie! Paper Amour Better yet, join in the fun and maybe you'll win $100 worth of Memory Box products!

Somebody got a new toy...

Ten on Monday because Tuesday is going to be too busy.

Ever have one of those weeks where every minute has to be carefully planned or else the whole world will come crashing down around you? This is that week. Missoula Children's Theater is doing a residency at Savannah and Ethan's school this week. I'm the lucky mom who is their contact person - so I get to be at EVERY rehearsal. I'm seriously SO excited about seeing how their well-oiled machine works. But it makes me feel a little crazy knowing how much time I'll be gone from my happy little abode. I'm such a homebody. My least favorite thing about Daylight Savings is that my kids are forever saying "Well, it's really only 7:30..." at bedtime. No. It's not. It's whatever time the clock says it is. I don't care that yesterday it was 7:30. Today it's 8:30. Now go to sleep. We had our anniversary party at the store over the weekend. Apropos has been in business for 8 years... I've been there for 5 1/2... I'm a lucky girl. E

Time marches on...

This adorable little boy registered for high school this week. I know it's so cliche, but if you're surrounded by diapers and have toys all over your floor and are still trying to figure out what to do with yourself during those couple of precious hours called nap time, HOLD ON! Savor every moment. Because, I promise you, you are going to blink and then open your eyes and realize you are down to the last four years... Four years to instill every last bit of information and instruction and encouragement and love - and in those four years they'll be out the door more than in. The first slide of the presentation at 'Parent's Welcome to Highschool night' said "Welcome, class of 2013!" Four years. I just can't believe it.


"C.O.T.N. Sierra Leone Upper Banta Mokelleh N-Golala, Moyamba Chiefdom January 8, 2009 Dear Auntie Cathy, How are you? I hope you are doing fine and well. May God continue to bless you so much and give you a life worthy. Thank you for sending the Christmas gifts for me, I really appreciate it and I thank you so much. Also I want to thank you so much for the wonderful book you sent for me "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". I love that book so much and I have read the book! You bought the first one when I was there with you and you also send me the 2 - that was great and I also appreciate it. Please, I really really want you to give a big hug to Uncle Asia, Kyler, Savannah, Ethan and Gracie. I just want to give them a Merry Christmas, although Christmas time is past. Oh - how is Gracie? I hope she is doing fine without me. Auntie Cathy, I am always praying for all of you - for God's success to flow upon you all. I saw the pictures you sent for me. I hope you are h