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Ah ha!!!

Here's the video Savannah made yesterday as part of her 'Summer Bingo.' I finally got it to upload!!! How could you NOT love this? It does this mama's heart good... spelling error and all.

A photo a day all summer long - days two and three

So after trying ALL last night and today to get a WONDERFUL video that Savannah made uploaded and onto the blog, I've given up and will now post two pictures instead of one video and one picture. But I'm frustrated. Because her video was SO sweet. Alas - technology hates me. And so it goes. So here you go. Pictures. A project I made for my Memory Box blog ... I've been working hard to get entries written and scheduled to post while we're on vacation next week... My newly painted house. It's almost finished. I'm SO happy with the colors and feel like I'm pulling up to a new house every time I pull into the driveway...

A photo a day - all summer long - day one

Okay, so it's two photos. Shoot me. I totally copied Stacy Julian  today and gave my kids summer bingo cards... the general idea is that they can mark off spots on the the cards as they do the activities listed - when they get a bingo, they get a ticket and tickets can be redeemed for fun stuff like popsicles, sleep overs and even money. Anyway - it was a wonderful day for the kids. They were building things, reading in secret spots, making and editing videos, baking, doing Wii fit, making blanket forts and capturing and observing bugs... all good things for kids to do in the summer and not once did one of them come to me and complain about being bored. In these pictures, Savannah and Ethan were building structures - using the same building materials (marshmallows, toothpicks, cardstock and tape) to see who could build the structure that would hold the most pennies without collapsing... they totally came up with this themselves and were busy with it for over an hour. It&#

A hug, a handshake and a high five.

And with that, he said goodbye to third grade.


Tonight is the last school night of the year. As I prayed with my kids, I had to fight the lump in my throat. I've got three really great kids. And as I prayed with each of them, I was reminded of God's goodness to us over the years. And I felt the deep, primal need to be on my knees even more for them as we finish out this school year and walk into the next... Before I prayed for Kyler, (who leaves in the morning for distance running camp with his high school cross country team,) I had to stop and tell him how thankful I am for his last two years of junior high. He's made it through a huge school with over 800 kids with nary a scratch. Oh - and some pretty impressive grades too. He managed to find a sport he excels at, made friends, stayed out of trouble, and has yet to display anything resembling teenage angst. He's a great kid. Of course, I also had to tell him I didn't want him to keep growing up - to which he replied "I'll always be your little

I know. Pathetic.

Here's what it comes down to: My computer is lame. And I am lamer. And the combination of the two have created a dark void here on Thoughts From the Deep Recesses. Even when I find the time to write, I stare at the blank screen with an equally blank brain. I'm not sure what that's all about. I am almost to the end of the school year. I am officially done with all my PTG responsibilities - the last school newspaper went out last week - the 6th grade memory book was delivered today and the slide show is out of my hands - complete and handed over to the committee doing the 6th grade reception tomorrow. So I think maybe my brain will open up again now and there will be room for other thoughts. And maybe, just maybe, blogger will let me post some pictures. I have lots of pictures to share. And I'm planning to do 'a photo a day' again this summer because I enjoyed it so much two summers ago. So I'll be around... Yay for summer!

Ten on Tuesday

For some reason Blogger doesn't like my computer and won't let me upload photos the last couple of weeks. So while I've taken pictures of life, I can't share them with you. This makes me very sad. I am now leading two Weight Watcher's meetings each week and looking forward to adding more in the near future. I'm enjoying them so much. Funny how much these meetings remind me of my classes - it's all about inspiring people to be their best... I already love 'my' members so much and am so thrilled to see them succeed. I think it's amazing how God provided a job for me before I even completely lost my job at the store. The overlap was a bit much - but now that I'm down to only working WW and the Memory Box blog , I'm so glad I never had to go without some income. The timing was PERFECT. Savannah and I got home last night from five days in Canada, visiting Corey and her daughter in Canmore, Alberta. The weather was glorious and the company was