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I know. I know. It's been ages. Things are slowing down just the teeniest tiniest bit for me now. So I should be able to post something soon. The store closed on Friday. And I'm diving head first into the sixth grade memory book project for Savannah's class at school. And heading to Canada for the weekend with Savannah for a girl's weekend with Corey and her daughter. But at least I'm not working six days a week anymore. And I think I'll have time to upload pictures and write. Soon.

Thoughts on marriage.

Asia and I do a lot of pre-marital mentoring with couples from our church. After a session with these couples, I always find myself overflowing with gratitude. Thankful for my husband and how the years have shaped us into the people - the family - we are today. While it's still hard for me to swallow that somehow we became the 'older, wiser' couple who can now mentor others, I acknowledge that we have come a long way. Over the almost seventeen years we've been married, we've settled into what I consider a very sweet, comfortable rhythm. I know this man. And he knows me. We seldom fight anymore. We can predict each other's behavior with uncanny accuracy. And we become better friends with each passing year... Tonight when we go to bed, I know his hand will rest on my hip - like it always does. And I will go to sleep with a thankful heart. Thankful for this man God gave me. Thankful for the way our rough edges have been made smooth over the years. Thank


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My little writer

Savannah wrote this for a homework assignment the other day. She was only required to write three paragraphs. I think someone else in this house enjoys writing... The Box By: Savannah Goins One sunny afternoon after school, I look out the window and see our UPS delivery guy, (Kenny) walking up to our front door. And of course, my dog Gracie starts barking like crazy, as always. My mom asks, “Savannah, why is Gracie barking?” “It’s just Kenny.” I say, smiling and waving at him as he drops the package on our front porch. As I open the door and look down at the package, I realize that it’s addressed to me. So I pick it up and I start walking to my room. As I walk past my mom’s work room she says, “Who’s the package for?” “It’s for me?!?” I say, looking as puzzled as she does. “Ok, then, maybe you won a contest or something.” “Maybe, I’ll be in my room.” “Ok, then.” As I walk back to my room, my dog Gracie looks up at me, her tail wagging and her eyes sending the message of “Take me for

One tired chickie...

Want to see my schedule from the last few days? Thursday, April 30th Work at Apropos 9:45 - 2:00 Go to the kids' school to work on school newspaper for 1/2 hour Pick up Savannah at 2:30 for a Dr. appointment Go straight from Dr. appointment to Kyler's track meet Home from track meet at 6:00 Feed the family, do dishes, fold clothes, take my walk, go to bed Friday May 1st Take my walk after I get the kids off to school Work at Apropos 9:45 - 4:30 Go straight from Apropos to a Weight Watcher's training from 5:00 - 7:30 Back to Apropos - work until 11:00 at the crop night. Saturday, May 2nd 6:45 am Arrive at a Weight Watcher's meeting to work 8:15 am Still at WW - now in official mentoree mode - week three of leader mentoring 11:00 Home - pick up Savannah and Ethan and head downtown to pick up our Bloomsday race packets, then to the grocery store 1:00 Home again - make goodies for a party we're attending later 3:30 Leave for the party - celebrate wi