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Ten on Wednesday because I ran out of Tuesday...

Kyler has a girlfriend. She is a senior at his highschool - a cross country runner - and is VERY, VERY pretty. It's very new - as in today is their one week anniversary. Savannah turned 15 on 11-11-11. She continues to be a huge blessing in my life... Trader Joe's has finally opened in Spokane. It's very close to me - which is a huge treat in a city where almost all the 'good' shopping is on the other end of town. Love popping in there whenever I need something but I'm still trying to figure out what they do and don't carry. Last night I needed cream cheese. Trader Joe's doesn't have cream cheese.  We celebrated the one year anniversary of Julie's heart attack last weekend. I'm calling it her heartiversary. A sweet day to celebrate her good health and our little community of folks doing life together.  Putting together a package for our three boys in Sierra Leone... and a few other kids we simply have to send letters to. Our family there


Amazingly, this is my 1000th post on thoughts from the deep recesses... I can hardly believe I've done anything 1000 times... but especially this silly little blog. I started this blog in March of 2005 - very reluctantly. I wasn't sure what I would ever post about... or even why I would bother... but I did it. I only wrote two posts a month for the first two months... and then slowly my posts picked up speed. Certainly, my posting has ebbed and flowed over the years. Facebook gives blogging a run for it's money - and often things that I may have written about here became status updates instead... I prefer blog posts but realistically, find time for Facebook much more easily than I find time for blogging. So there have been months when the blog has been neglected. But it's still a big part of how I record life. To keep with tradition, I'm going to do a Tuesday Ten of some of my favorite random blog posts over the years... Letter to my 16 year-old-sel