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(A series on how we dispense ourselves, our resources and our time.) Lately a common theme has arisen in my thought life and my conversations. A thread that keeps pulling loose, demanding my attention. Like a phone call that needs to be returned, or a bill that has to be paid, I have this nagging, underlying discourse running through my mind, impacting me with a persistence that demands attention. How am I spending? My money. My time. My life. My body. My relationships. My reserves. My thoughts. My devotion. My energy. It's a deep, deep well, this thought pattern I'm working through. I hesitate to pull up a bucket from this well and spill it out because I fear a flood of consequences I'm not sure I'm ready for. But in my experience with how God works in my life, when I feel a profound, almost burning need to explore something, it's in my best interest to take the leap... to trust. To expose the vulnerability I feel and lean on the Promise tha