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My Christmas Eve baby

Fifteen years ago today I was walking the halls of Sacred Heart hospital... I had been up all night walking the halls, trying to get contractions started after my water broke. They finally put me on a pitocin drip about 9:00 am. My son was finally born at 11:44 pm that night. Kyler Warren Goins. 8 lbs, 11 oz. Now he is six feet tall. I marvel at him... he is an amazing kid with an uncanny ability to be himself with little regard for what others think of him. He has a confidence that belies his age. He can make me laugh like no other. In short, I'm extremely proud of him. And I can't wait to see what God continues to do in and through him. He's a unique boy with a unique personality and I can't begin to imagine how God might want to use him. So happy birthday to my first born. My baby boy. My fifteen year old boy full of wonder and delight... hope you can always retain that side of yourself. I love you.

Here I am!

So. It's a quiet morning here. The coffee is perking away in the kitchen and the tree lights are on. Kyler hasn't come upstairs yet. He's always my first riser... early bird that he is. I can hear him puttering downstairs. I have never taken this long of a break from my blog - in almost five years of blogging. It's a season for me. A quiet season. God is so good. My internship at church is challenging me in just the ways I'd hoped it would... and I find myself needing time. Quiet. Private processing. On this journey, I'm discovering more about myself... finding my heart opened to possibilities and learning to love God in new ways. It's so good to stretch into God. So while I'm quiet here, God continues His work in me... and perhaps I'll be able to articulate it sometime soon. For now, I just need to be in a private place. Smooches, friends.