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It's the Friday before school starts, you know. Fall is my favorite time of year. Since I am not the world's biggest fan of summer, I welcome the cooler weather, the changing leaves and the return of schedules and routines. It is good to reconnect with all the friends we haven't seen over the summer, and jump into fall activities. Fall makes me happy. So Labor Day Weekend is a favorite. Much more so than Memorial Day Weekend. We don't have any big plans for the long weekend, except for our first time to church with Tejan and the Labor Day Symphony concert in the park that we attend every year. This year we're going early and meeting friends with picnics. We LOVE the symphony in the park. It's close enough to walk to and on Sunday I can sit out on my porch and listen to the musicians rehearse. And the best part? Scurrying home afterwards, because 'it's a school night!' We've already been to the school a couple of times this week - to registe

Observations of a 12 year old boy from Africa

"In America, all the houses have lights. And water." "There are many, many beautiful flowers in America." "In Sierra Leone, much work must be done by hand. In America, there are machines for almost every kind of work." "Cars in America have lots of buttons." "It is cold." "Toy Story is a very funny movie. I like it very much."

Duck and cover.

Gotta use bullets today. Sorry. My brain is full and fragmented. After a rough first evening meal with Tejan, where he refused to try pizza, (not even one teeny tiny bite) we watched him go through three heaping plates of food last night. Funny thing was, when Savannah asked what was for dinner and I said 'chicken and rice,' Tejan piped up with 'PIZZA!' He's a goofy boy. We took him to the Japanese Garden where he just couldn't wrap his head around the idea of having Koi fish just to look at. He kept saying 'In Africa, we would eat those fish.' After seeing a bike at the school when we went to register him, he came home and decided he wanted to learn how to ride one. He went to the garage, picked one out, and went full speed down the driveway and into the street. Within 20 minutes, he was going up and down the street as though he'd been doing it all his life. I'm telling you, this boy is brave. And a little crazy. Yesterday he learned what a sk

On my knees.

God, I am exhausted. Change is hard. Even when I know I'm in exactly the right place. This place you've chosen for me. It's good to obey, but that doesn't mean it's easy. This first day with Tejan has been such a roller coaster for me. First of all, he is everything I ever dreamed. Funny. Adorable. A little guarded. A little shy. A lot overwhelmed. And fully one of the bravest people I've ever met. He is also stubborn. And a little messy. And demanding in the way most children can be. Having him with us all day has worn me out. And I'm reeling with the reality of caring for him. And feeling wholly inadaquate. Who was I to think I could offer him anything? This boy who has lost so much and who so clearly relies on You for strength... he is the one teaching me . He has so little in this world. And yet he has joy. And laughter. And an amazingly strong sense of his place in the world. Me? I have everything. Two cars. A huge house. Good health. Yet

He's here!

(I realize this is a terrible picture. But I didn't want to overwhelm him by taking a dozen shots, trying to get the perfect one...) Nine months of waiting. Over a year of praying for his homeland. Last night, Tejan arrived at our house. First impressions? He's extremely polite. Smaller than I expected. Full of smiles. He hates snakes. Loves ants. Wants to be a teacher or a pastor when he grows up. He's here. I went to bed exhausted last night. Worried about his comfort, and about making good choices regarding the things we introduce to him... concerned about what to feed him. And how to show him love without overwhelming him... Lots to think about. But here we go... He goes to the doctor next week - his surgery is scheduled for the 12th of September. Pray for peace. Peace in his heart. Peace in my mind. Asia's gone this week - so pray for a little extra endurance for me too... Thanks, friends.

A Photo a Day All Summer Long - Days fifty-seven through sixty-seven

Class samples getting done... always a good thing. All packed up and ready to go to the beach! Asia trying out his Zoolander poses... Super Beach Boy to the rescue! Heaven on earth - Manzanita Beach Three hoodlums at Oswald West State Park Savannah playing Nerts with Aunt Lorraine Hikers at the top of Neahkahnie Mountain (I was there too - I took the picture!) Exploring at Short Sands Beach Kyler tries out skim boarding with his cousin Riley My three handsome nephews...

Ten on Saturday. Huh?

Okay, so I'm supposed to be on a break. But I just sort of miss blogging. And I'm procrastinating. I should be in the shower. Or packing. But I'm going to blog instead. So there. My visit to Stacy Julian's home was so fun. She has the most lovely house, and her studio is just absolutely amazing. AMAZING, people. Plus, she covers her Redi-Whip can with scrapbooking paper. I ordered some pretty cool stuff at her Upper Case Living party... a quote for my studio - "An artist cannot fail, for it is a success to be one." I had to design it myself, because it wasn't in their catalog. And I also got a Christmas present for someone. Not saying who. My niece flew to Slovakia this week for a Rotary Student Exchange. She'll be living there for a year. I think her whole family is so brave. It's a really complete sort of 'leaving the nest,' - more than most families have to face, for sure. She's an amazing girl though. And I know this exper

Another teeny blog-break break.

So if you didn't see THIS on Stacy Julian's blog, you should go check it out. (Look at #5) Because I'm totally going. Tonight. With my buddy Ann. I've got the directions to Stacy's house in my hot little hands as we speak. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Because I'm a geeky scrapbooker who has to take pictures inside the house of one of the most well-known scrapbooking gurus of all time.

A Photo a Day All Summer Long - Days Fifty through Fifty-six

Yum - pasta salad for dinner. Haircut boy. My lunch date with Ethan - Arby's at Pioneer Park - the best view of Spokane. (Too bad I got food poisoning from this lovely lunch and was out of commission for nearly three days...) E. Bob on poo-poo patrol Kyler read this entire book in one afternoon. Love my Black Eyed Susans Hot here again this week - in the lower to mid 90's. Thank goodness we're off to the beach in a couple of days.

A break from the blog break.

Just a quick in and out to tell ya'll to be sure to take a peek if you have time at our summer photo shoot... right there on the left. If you click on the "what is this?" at the bottom, then you can click on "Summer Photo Shoot '07" and it will take you to Flickr where you can view a slideshow. We had loads of fun doing it. And I get to mark that off my list of things I wanted to do before summer's end. Yay! Happy Thursday, friends. And now back to our regularly scheduled blog break-i-ness.

A Photo a Day All Summer Long - Days Forty-six through Forty-nine

We spent the day Sunday at my boss's lake cabin... so nice. Legos. Lots and lots and lots of Legos... Gracie loves her bone... Carpet cleaner coming today. My living room is E.M.P.T.Y.

A Photo a Day All Summer Long - Days Forty-two through Forty-five

Neopolitan Rice Crispy Treats: Chocolate Rice Crispies, Regular Rice Crispies and strawberry marshmallows. I totally thought these were going to taste nasty - but surprise! They are delicious. Savannah has been on a pillow sewing binge... aren't they cute? Everyone in the house now has their own custom sewn pillow - even the dog... This was some kind of funky cantelope - can't even remember what it was called. So pretty and yummy... loved how it looked flower-like when I cut it open... isn't nature cool? Does anything say summer more than sunflowers? The bouquet from my kitchen table...

Better late than never...

So I'm giving this week's prize to Marie, who answered the yesterdays question a little late, but had the best vacation memory. Sheesh. How creepy. Did you read it? Anyway. I'm embarking on a blog break starting today... we got an arrival date for Tejan - August 27th - and I'm feeling like there are a gazillion things I need to do to prepare. So it's a good time to be absent from the blogging world. I'll still post my daily photos - probably every few days, just so I keep taking them. But other than that, I'll be out of commision for awhile. I need a break. Look for me around the first of September. Maybe before. Maybe not. Don't forget about me though. I love my bloggy friends. Have a great August.

Getting to know you Wednesday

Mornin' peeps. August 1st. Unbelievable, eh? This morning I want to hear about your favorite childhood vacation memories. Were you a road trip family, traveling the country one Motel 6 at a time? Or did you fly to Hawaii every couple of years? Maybe your family owns a lake cabin and you grew up spending your summers there. Or maybe yours was a camping family. As an adult, do you enjoy the same kind of vacations, or have you changed your holiday style completely? I want to know. What did you do on your summer vacation? My favorite commenter gets a $12 Starbucks card. ($12 because $10 won't even buy you three drinks anymore. Crazy.) So regale me with your best memories and you might just be having a cupajoe on me next week. Happy Wednesday, friends!